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Maeve Spiegler – Board Chair

Kimmi Awiszio – Board Vice-chair


The Mission

We prepare leaders to build a more just and sustainable community.

The NELGBTC works through education, collaboration, and deliberate dialogue to disrupt all forms of racism, sexism, ableism, classism, transphobia, and homophobia in our society. In order to provide an affirming environment for all students, faculty, and staff on college campuses across the Northeast.


Who We Are

A student-founded, funded, and run conference since 1995. The Northeast LGBT Conference serves to highlight and celebrate colleges and universities working to provide an affirming educational environment for all students. We connect with local, regional, and national activists and organizations to bring LGBTQIA+ college students, advisers, and administrators in the Northeast together. Each year we aim to share best practices, programs, policies, and resources.


What We Do

We believe in Campus Pride and share in the vision for campuses and a society free of anti-LGBTQ prejudice, bigotry and hate. Together we work to provide online resources, regional conferences, programs, speakers and foster connections to aid our region in developing student leaders and campus networks able to create sustainable positive change.


Why We Do It

We believe the United States and Higher Education should be open and affirming to all people, including LGBTQ* and Allied Students, Faculty and Staff. We KNOW that this can only truly be realized when all forms of prejudice are eradicated.


Conference History

The NELGBTC was founded in 1995, at the University at Albany, in Albany, NY, to bring LGBTQ college students together and demand change from the State Universities of New York System (SUNY).

Since its founding, the northeast has seen substantial changes on college campuses and the SUNY system, but there is still much to do. Today we serve students and administrative leaders from Maine to Washington D.C.

The NELGBTC began officially traveling to other campuses in 2010 in order to impact other campuses, provide better access to students in different parts of the region and highlight colleges committed to LGBTQ* inclusion. Annually the conference travels to a new location.

The following is a list of the known dates, themes, keynote speakers, conference directors and assistant directors for the Northeast LGBT College Conference since its founding: (if you have any information about missing years please contact us at info@nelgbtc.org)


1995 – March 24 – 26
The First East Coast LGBT Conference
Director: Amy Purdy
Assistant Director: Chris Latimer

1996 – April 19 – 21

1997 - First known move to a different college
Conference Location: Stony Brook University
Conference Director: Robbie Samuels - LGBTA president
Conference Hosts: Long Island College Coalition 
Motto: “Strength in Unity”
Keynote: Paula L. Ettelbrick & Michelangelo Signorile

1998 – March 27 – 29
Keynote: Chastity Bono
Director: Emily Haight
Assistant Director: Tommy Sciacca

1999 – April 16 – 18
Theme: “Living our Lives, NOT Our Lifestyles”
Keynotes: Evan Wolfson, Kevin Jennings, Charles W. Lickel, Candace Gingrich
Director: Tommy Sciacca
Assistant Director: David Bishop

2000 – April 7 – 9
Keynote: Paul Siegel, Barbara Smith
Director: David Bishop
Assistant Director: Dan Charbonneau


2001- April 27 - 29 (Believed dates)
Performance by Melissa Ferrick
(looking for more info)


2002 – April 12 -14
Keynote: Sophia Pasquis
Performance by: Magdalen Hsu-Li
Director: Nicole E. Ressa
Assistant Director: Daniel Schlageter


2003 – April 11 -13
Keynote: Cleve Jones
Director: Dann Schlageter
Assistant Director: UAlbany Pride Alliance Eboard


2004 – April 23 -25
Northeastern LGBT Conference Theme: “All in the Family”
Keynote: Cherry Muanji, Shane Windmeyer
Co-Directors: Dan Schlageter and Simone Sneed


2005 - Dates unknown -


2006 – April 28 – 30
Theme: “Inclusion”
Keynote: Robyn Ochs
Director: Gregory Douglass


2007 – April 13 – 14
Keynote: Leslie Feinberg
Director: Dan Foerste


2008 – April 19 -21
Theme: “Changing Campus Climate”
Keynote: Jessica Pettitt
Director: Michelle Mittler
Assistant Director: Courtney D’Allaird


2009 – April 17 – 19
Theme: “Facets of Oppression”
Kickoff Event: Breaking the Silence
Keynote: Sabrina Sojourner
Director: Courtney D’Allaird
Assistant Director: Stav Levy


2010 – April 16 – 18
Theme: “Sh(out): Celebrating Self, Creating Community”
Host: University at Buffalo, SUNY
Keynote: Alex Sanchez
Directors: Samantha Janosick, Jamie Bergeron, Benjamin Fabian, James Bowman


2011 – April 8 – 10
Theme: “Knowledge Moving Forward”
Host: Binghamton University, SUNY
Keynote: Alan Downs
Director: Brittany Kalten
Assistant Director: Russell Heiman


2012 – March 30 - April 1
Theme: “Spectrum: Reaching Across the Rainbow to Inspire, Empower, and Unite”
Host: Sage Colleges, Troy NY
Keynotes: Kate Clinton, T.J. Jourian, Daniel Hernandez, Jr., Bebe Zahara Benet, Shane Windmeyer
Co-Directors: Sabrina McGinty and Vincent Porfirio


2013 - April 12 - 14 
Theme: The Ally is You!
Host: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester NY
Keynotes: Robyn Ochs, Zach Wahls
Coordinators: Henry Hinsley


2014 - April 11 - 13 
Theme: Queering Social Media
Host: Rutgers New Brunswick, NJ
Keynotes: Monroe Vance & Celiany Rivera-Velazquez, Janet Mock
Performances: Pandora Scooter, Las Crudes Cubensi, The Trans-Scripts Theater Project
Coordinators: Zaneta Rago, Anna Phung


2015- April 10 - 12
Everything will change - 20th Anniversary Conference
Host: 5 year awaited return to UAlbany
Keynotes: awQward talent team; J Mase III, Kitty Bella, Yalini Dream
Along with presenters: Jon Gilroy, Lauren LoGuidice, Mark Travis Rivera, Robyn Ochs, Wade Davis, Jennifer Joy, and Many many more.
Coordinators: The NELGBTC 15 Team, The National Latino Collegiate Conference (NLCC) and The Asian Pacific American Conference (APAC)


2016- April 1 - 3
Host: Stony Brook University, SUNY
Keynotes: Kit Yan, Regie Cabico, Mya Taylor, and Adaku Utah
Coordinators: Stony Brook LGBTQ* Services

2017- April 28 - 30
Theme: Black Queer Lives Matter
Host: Binghamton University, SUNY
Keynotes: Maurice Tomlinson, CeCe McDonald, and Joshua Allen
Coordinators: Brandon Bocanumenth & Joseph Simon (Co-Directors), the Binghamton NELGBTC 17 Committee, Binghamton University’s Rainbow Pride Union


2018- April 6th - 8th
Theme: Intersectional Truths: From Individual Narratives to Collective Activism
Host: Rutgers University-Newark, NJ
Keynotes: TBA
Coordinators: Yoleidy Rosario (Co-Chair), Andrew Moreira (Co-Chair), Robin Edgell, FIR-E Planning Committee

2019- April


Host: Siena College – Loudonville, NY


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